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jeudi 15 décembre 2011

2012 here we go!

we're happy to tell you that our tour schedule is actually in progress, and Child meadow will appear each night wih us!
We'll go back to practice and compose some new songs this winter, new project, new deadlines...
Even if we dont live close to each other, we really want to continue this band, as a part of our life and and a moment of powerful and emotive sharing between us and with the people on the road...

 So here we go:

On March 2012:

23rd  @ Lyon
24th @ Alessandria/Piacenza/Milano?
25th @ Ljubjana
26th @ Rijeka
27th @ Budapest
28th @ Bratislava
29th @Plzen
30th @ Giessen
31st @ Nancy

This is not the definitive schedule but we're not so far from truth!

Hope to see you, meet you, speak and share drinks and moments there...

Diy or die

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